membership benefits

Membership Benefits

UNITE endeavors to assist transforming and emerging SME’s by providing support services to highly motivated SME’s.

UNITE’s goal is to create an infrastructure whereby these SME’s can thrive since SME’s may not have access to investment capital, and the “optimal” talent to build their organizations. UNITE serves you by providing a network of BPO suppliers, HR and Legal professionals, among others, and solutions for Telephony, IT, Disaster Recovery and many more!


As a qualified member of UNITE, your clients and prospective clients are assured that partnering with you will be an investment with a quality BPO partner.  Someone who will be with them for the long term. A trusted partner with capabilities to meet their client’s needs and growth.

UNITE’s recent introduction with the PHIL-AM Chamber of Commerce, has given them the opportunity they are hoping for by being able meet a multitude of reputable and trusted SME’s in the Philippines.  Their next visit, near the end of 2016, can give you a level of exposure that can result in business opportunities!  We will be scheduling a meeting with them exclusively for our members.

The member SME’s gain access to the associations network of over 100 business professionals, consulting firms and industry vendors.

In terms of support, these business professionals and industry vendors will offer their services and products to the SME. UNITE membership will help “open up the possibilities” so to speak.

UNITE members gain substantial annual cost savings to their “bottom line” by utilizing our network of resources while staying focused on their client’s wants, needs, and desires.

“Watch List” Don’t fall victim to Scam Campaigns or Rogue Employees!

UNITE tracks and creates awareness of reported rogue campaigns and rogue employees, to bring you added safety and protection from inadvertently becoming a victim of them.

Highly motivated SME’s

Highly motivated SME’s are those capable of scaling up a business to become much bigger in order to create jobs and wealth.  The UNITE association creates a cycle of shared resources, best practices and value by building up an ecosystem where individual SME’s can connect and develop with each other.

What is a ‘Business Ecosystem’ The network of organizations – including suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors, government agencies and so on – involved in the delivery of a specific product or service through both competition and cooperation.

Disaster Recovery

Greatly increase your business confidence by knowing that you have fellow SME’s willing to collaborate with you for Disaster Recovery solutions!

“In our chosen industry it’s really the Giant’s in the BPO marketplace that control 40-50% of the market so, what we want to do is diversify that and assist other SME’s into that market. By providing a shared network of Business Professionals, consulting firms and industry vendors, SME’s can quickly gain access to valuable and quality support without the need for developing and expensing internal resources.”