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Tips to Motivate Call Center Agents

One of primary responsibilities of managers is to motivate staff so that they will work better and smarter. Here are a few tips to keep call center agents always motivated. Make them happy. The workplace should be a place where employees look forward to go to everyday and not a place that they want to stay away from. Creating a great work environment can be achieved by facilitating camaraderie among employees. The workplace should be made a home away from home. Positive feedback. Giving people positive feedback will create a positive attitude. It is like talking to one’s children. Managers should learn how to make employees feel valued. Even in their failures and weaknesses, managers should learn how to correct mistakes in a positive and constructive manner. Provide them with the right tools and skills. Agents should be provided with the right tools and skills for them to provide the services, assignments or functions they are expected to do effectively. They should be given proper training such as communication and computer skills so that they can perform their work. They should be given a good computer and a fast internet connection. Reward them. Rewarding employees is one of the common ways of keeping agents motivated. This can come in the form of a promotion, financial incentive, commission, gifts, recognition, a party, a break, or any other means that will allow an agent to feel...

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Call Center Scorecards

As simple and easy as it may sound, a call center job requires you to hit some targets. These targets, called metrics, are the numbers that determine just how well you perform as an agent. There are various metrics that you need to hit in order for you to acquire additional pay, incentives and other bonuses, and also, metrics that you need to hit in order to keep your job. What are these metrics that can be seen in your scorecards? Here are the basic. Attendance. This is applicable as well in any other job. However, this is one of the basic and important metrics in your scorecard. Every minute counts, and so, tardiness, even for a minute will no longer give you one hundred percent on your attendance sheet. This is the easiest to manage, though, because all you have to do, is go to the office on time or even earlier than usual. Average Handling Time. This is the number of minutes that you spend in talking to the customer over the phone. This is to gauge how rapid you can provide assistance to the customer. Normally, the call should not run more than four minutes, but that depends on the account that you are handling. If you are on the technical team, then longer average handling time is allotted. This also includes any time you put...

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Tips to Improve Web Chat Experience

A web chat or online chat is a system whereby an agent can communicate in real time with clients over the internet. Here are ways to enhance the web chat experience of customers. Allow focus. Web chat is one of the most disregarded services of a call center. Agents assigned to web chat should have no other distractions so that, they can focus and properly handle challenging conversations. Place web chat agents together. Web chat agents should sit next to each other so that, they can help each other with difficult questions. Train right agents for chat. Web chat is a specialized service that equally entails specialized skills from typing to creating sentences in brief ways and with correct grammar. Provide web chat agents with phone access. This will allow agents to contact customers and talk to them via phone in case the query escalates. Average handling time should be measured as “active time”. AHT can be computed by measuring the duration of time a web chat window for a specific client is open. Allow agents to reassign matters they don’t know. Web chat Agents should be able to assign issues to appropriate or a more skilled agent in specific matters that are beyond their own knowledge. Provide web chat for different departments. Provide web chat for technical issues, marketing, sales, inquiries, and other issues to ensure that the...

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Strategies for Maximizing Agent Performance

To maximize performance and productivity of agents, managers must prevent or minimize factors that can stress an agent, and expand the factors that motivate agents to work better. Here are some strategies to maximize performance of call center agents. Coaching and training employees are the most basic way to maximize their performance. This means identifying both the strengths and weaknesses, and finding the appropriate training and coaching to capitalize on the individual strengths and potential of the employee, and addressing or correcting their weaknesses. This allows an employee to be more efficient in performing their jobs. Give incentives and rewards. Rewards and Incentives are known to motivate employees to work better. This can be in the form of financial or material rewards such as gifts, recognitions and merit promotions or it can also be as simple as praising an employee for a job well done. Valuing employees and allowing them to feel needed and important. One of the greatest motivators in life is feeling valued. This provides employees a sense of meaning, importance and fulfillment in life. It gives them a sense of belongingness and direction if they feel that they are able to contribute in the company or serve people effectively. Provide agents room to breathe. While supervision, control and monitoring is important, micro managers tend to suffocate agents with authority. The notion of being observed or watched...

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Call Center Staffing

As a service industry whose principal service is primarily delivered by people, staffing and hiring human resource personnel is crucial for the success of a call center company. This becomes even more important considering the high attrition rate across the industry, which further demands a more efficient system of finding, recruiting, hiring and keeping the right people for the company. Call center staffing and hiring is one of the busiest support functions of call centers because of the high employment turnover rate across the industry. Employees simply come and go. This is also true because of the fast growth rate of the industry as companies continue to expand promoting old employees, and seek out new employees. New companies enter onto the bandwagon, requiring new employees, and pirating key employees of other companies. Filling up vacancies is not an easy task. The job is so demanding and meticulous that some call center companies outsource their recruitment operations so that, they can concentrate on their core operations. But since personnel to be hired will ultimately constitute the service that a call center will provide on which one’s quality and excellence are measured, the need for companies to closely monitor and manage one’s hiring and staffing remains very crucial. As part of managing the hiring and staffing process, general guidelines should be set for companies to follow in the conduct of the...

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How to Maintain Healthy Employee Relationships

Healthy Employee Relationships strengthen an organization. An organization cannot do its job without the help of its employees. Employees performing their jobs and striving to reach common goals and targets need human interaction. Your employees are the most important assets of any organization. The success and failure of the company depends greatly on the healthy relationships their employees have with each other. Employees focused on the goals of the company will attain a common purpose. The organization must come first and all personal interests should be left on the back seat. Employees in the organization must share a professional and healthy relationship with each other. Your Employees relationships whether warm, so-so or bad, really depends on the position and strategies set as acceptable behavior by the company. Healthy relationships must be built between not only co-workers but between all employees, an employee and their supervisors, and between employees and all management. There are some basic steps in building and maintaining better employee relations. Because there is no business that can manage to run successfully with unhappy employees, the employees who aren’t fulfilled in their jobs are the ones who are will be less productive in their chosen career. These employees are the ones who extend their unhappiness to others. This situation is very hard to handle because, this creates a disadvantaged and disagreeable work atmosphere to employees in the...

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Call Center Retention Strategies

Retention in the call center industry is important for the profitability and success of a call center company. It reduces/avoids turnover costs such as recruitment, selection, orientation, training, lost productivity, vacancy costs and customer impact costs. Call center retention enhances customer service productivity which results in better service and more satisfied customers. It improves employee morale and loyalty which all boils down to increased profitability that translates to success. Here under are top retention strategies by call center companies. Set a model. Create a profile of an ideal employee which will serve as the benchmark for the qualification and trait standards that employees must try to achieve. This includes the set of qualities that will be productive in the company and which will form part of your recruitment process. Develop employees. People need to continue to grow by learning more. Provide continuing training for employees so that, they feel that they are growing and improving their skills. This can also be achieved by reassigning them in different accounts where they can further expand their knowledge. Develop managers and promote employees. Career growth is important not only for one’s financial growth but, also for one’s sense of personal fulfillment. Instead of hiring new managers, supervisors, leaders or officers, the company should develop their employees and hire internally or fill vacant official positions using their existing roster of employees as the priority....

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